The 8 Best Money Counters

If you run, operate or work for a casino, you’re probably around a lot of money on a daily basis. As is the case in any business where money is handled continuously, proper tracking and counting are critical. The best way to keep track of money is by using a money counter, a coin counter or bill counter. These machines quickly and accurately Money Counter Machine with UV/MG/IR/MT, Kaegue Bill Currency Counter Machine, Cash Counting Machine with 6 Modes, 100-240V, 2 Years Warranty 4.5 out of 5 stars 332. $139.99 #11. Digi 1st TC-04 Hand Tally Counter, Digital Pitch Counter Clicker Handheld Mechanical Number Click Counter 4 Mixed Currency (USD & EUR) Find Out More. Need To Speak With A Specialist? 1.888.993.2228. AB7800 SWITCH Comprehensive Mixed Bill Counter. Regular price $2,075.00 Core 4 Features: Mixed Denomination with Dual Pockets; 4 counterfeit detection features & 6 counting modes; Maximum counting speeds of up to 1200 Bills/min; Mixed Currency (USD & EUR) Dual user operation capability; Find Out More Whether you need an economical bill counter with basic counterfeit detection like our 2250 or a top of the line two-pocket currency discriminator that is able to detect even the most sophisticated fakes like our 2985-SX, you can count on Safescan. Find out why so many businesses trust us to count their cash. Safescan 2210. Bill counter. Bill counter. Count speed: up to 1,000 bills Cassida 6600 UV Business Grade Currency Counter. See More Reviews. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. The Cassida 6600 is a fixture on many lists of the best money counting machines because it’s fast and accurate, it rarely jams and it can provide a total valuation at the end of the count. The Cassida 6600 UV Business Grade counter never lets a counterfeit bill slip past. As soon as the robust UV and MG Bill Money Counter Machine Currency Cash Count Counting Counterfeit Detector 9.8 9.3 9.9 2: Cassida 5520 UV/MG Money Counter with Counterfeit Bill Detection 9.6 9.1 9.7 3: Money Counter with The Teraputics Money Counter Elite can work for up to six continuous hours while counting 1,200 U.S. bills per minute. The machine has a counterfeit detection rate of 1/800000. Note, while the machine detects counterfeit bills, it won’t alert you if you have another denomination of currency in your stack. The LCD displays the number of bills Currency's country . USA (Canada, Mexico) Counting speed . 300 coins/min. Capacity The counter is not only beautifully engineered, it also boasts excellent capabilities that help significantly reduce the time required for counting and sorting coins. The C200 works off the plug with a standard 110V voltage and accepts the currencies of the USA, Canada, or Mexico, depending on what you need

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